May 19 2020 Sleep Better Live Better is reopening with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) precautions all in place.

Covid 19 Coronavirus


In accordance with the recommendations of the BC Health Officer, WorkSafe BC and the College of Dental Surgeons we are REOPENING all Sleep Better Live Better offices for NECESSARY IN OFFICE APPOINTMENTS to help patients continue and begin their Oral Appliance Therapy.

This reopening is being done in a manner that follows or exceeds all Public Health Officer, Worksafe BC and College of Dental Surgeons recommendations. We have added to our already in place Universal precautions, disinfection and sterilization PLEXIGLASS, AIR PURIFICATION, FACE SHIELDS, UV APPLIANCE STERILIZATION and many other measures.

OUR COVID-19 Safety Plan can be found at: Sleep Better Live Better WORKSAFE COVID-19 Safety Plan May 2020

When booking an in-office appointment you will be screened with a questionnaire and these questions will be re-asked when you arrive.

ALL seating and appointments will comply with 2-meter distance spacing whenever possible. WE ASK YOU TO ARRIVE ON TIME BUT NO EARLIER THAN 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure we minimize any possible contact you have with other patients.

Having our patients attend in-office appointments is necessary for some appointments such as records and examination as well as appliance adjustments for comfort and fit but in the goal of maintaining social distancing as much as possible we will be maintaining TELEMEDICINE for all appointments where this is possible including New Patient Initial Consultations, Routine Followup appointments not requiring adjustments for fit and comfort and many of the appliance delivery appointments. We have found Telemedicine to be a valuable tool for patient care while maintaining social distancing and it will remain part of our office thus limiting many patients’ need to leave their home or workplace for an appointment.

IF YOU HAVE AN URGENT CONCERN  regarding your oral appliance arrangements please contact us by phone or email and we can arrange an in-office appointment if necessary.

ALL NEW PATIENTS can also book their own Initial Consultation on our website

BY PHONE AT 604 987 5337 or 604 587 5337


Stay healthy and safe. Follow all recommendations for social distancing as recommended by the Health Officer. We all depend on each other to continue to manage this pandemic. Your health and safety are of our utmost concern.

Be Kind, Be Calm and Stay Safe and Now
Fewer Faces Larger Spaces.


Dr Sharnell Muir, Roberta and Micara.