Will Oral Appliance Therapy work for me?

Prosomnus Sleep Device

We are frequently asked if Oral Appliance Therapy will work for any given snoring or sleep apnea patient. We approach this question on several fronts:

  1. Are you symptomatic? Are you experiencing any Snoring, Waking tired, Daytime sleepiness, Memory brain fog, Insomnia etc. We know that 95% of our patients’ symptoms improve with Oral Appliance Therapy.
  2. Are you going to be adherent/tolerant to the other treatment option being CPAP? Many patients are intolerant to or refuse this therapy and just give up at that point never even knowing there is another viable treatment option.
  3. If you are CPAP intolerant even if the oral appliance is partially effective something is better than nothing! Reducing the sleep apnea and snoring is by far better than no therapy at all.

Based on our experience most patients can wear a custom oral appliance. Qualifying physically is often as simple as having 8-10 lower teeth.

Patients who receive an appliance have been shown to wear them very well through the entire night and every night. They are easy to tolerate.

So…. back to the question, will it work for me???

If knowing ahead of time for peace of mind or to speed therapy to the best treatment position, we have the advanced technology of the MATRx Plus home sleep study. We can not only assess your response to an oral appliance right in your own home we can determine the ideal treatment position from you right from the beginning.

To help educate the medical world of this amazing technology and oral appliance therapy itself I am the clinical part of a presentation at the World Sleep Society congress in Vancouver this month. Sleep clinicians from all over the world will be there which is very exciting. I have attached a link below for your information and although not open to the general public I wanted you to learn about this amazing technology we have readily available to anyone wanting to be assessed for oral appliance therapy.

Come in and find out how we can help you add years to your life and life to your years.

World Sleep Society 2019 Conference | Daily Planner for the Event