Oral Appliances can be an effective, easily tolerated, convenient and discrete treatment option for any degree of snoring. They are also a recommended treatment for patients with Mild Sleep Apnea, Moderate Sleep Apnea and any patient (even those with Severe Sleep Apnea) who is intolerant or refuses to use a CPAP.

There are a variety of appliances that can be custom made and we provide guidance and select the appliance that will best serve you taking into consideration your mouth, teeth, fillings and crowns, missing teeth, crowded teeth, etc.

Available appliances can include:

The OASYS Nasal Airway System is available from Dr. Sharnell Muir in North Vancouver.


OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System™ treats the two major causes of sleep disordered breathing by addressing upper airway resistance in the nasal region and blockage in the throat region. Most patients with nasal issues will favour wearing or treating the nose separately but this appliance is available and works well for some.