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MATRx plus™

Oral Appliance Testing at Home

What is MATRx Plus?

Sleep Better Live Better was the first office in Canada to use MATRx Plus by Zephyr in private practice. We have had this technology available since 2017. Zephyr’s scientifically-validated technology is revolutionizing how millions of OSA patients are being treated worldwide. The MATRx Plus simplifies oral appliance therapy by identifying responders and their most effective oral appliance therapy position in advance of custom oral appliance fabrication.

How it Works

MATRx plus is the first in-home auto-titration device that performs an oral appliance sleep therapy position (theragnostic) test. The technology allows us to predict a patient’s best treatment position before they even start with their custom oral device. Once the study is completed and the patient proceeds with their custom long term durable appliance, they have the option to wear the temporary testing device for the 2-4 weeks needed to manufacture the custom device.

The Benefits of MATRx Plus

At Sleep Better Live Better we have adopted this innovative technology because it offers incredible benefits to our patients. Using the MATRx Plus means:

  • Precise and predictable determination of the best treatment position, quickening the results of therapy.
  • Testing in the comfort of a patient’s own bed at home
  • The monitor is easy to use, simple to wear and cost effective. The machine recharges during the day and the study can be completed in as few as 2-4 nights for most.


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