Testing sleep in the comfort of your own home.

There are two recognized types of sleep studies available in B.C.

Level I Sleep Studies

In the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Kelowna and Prince George Level I Sleep Studies are hospital or private centre based overnight sleep studies called PSGs or Polysomnograms. They require patients stay overnight and, although for some necessary, can be more than is needed for most. The vast majority of patients in B.C. can be and are correctly diagnosed using a Home Sleep Study.

Level III Home Sleep Studies

Apnealink Air 500

The Resmed Apnealink Plus and Apnealink Air Level III Home Sleep Study monitors are made available in my office to patients after an initial no charge consultation or by prescription from their physician. I then have the study manually scored by a specially trained Sleep Respiratory Therapist and Interpreted by a Medical Sleep Specialist Physician. The Scoring and Interpretation services are extra steps taken by my practice for your benefit and are not provided by all testing providers. The monitors are easy to wear and taking them home and having the study in your own bed is of great relief to many patients.

How to use the Apnealink Air Monitor