With CPAP therapy, a small bedside CPAP machine delivers a prescribed amount of air pressure through a comfortable mask that is worn during sleep. This continuous flow of air keeps the upper airway open and prevents snoring and apnea from occurring.

We offer full-service CPAP Therapy from no cost trial, mask selection and fitting to finalizing therapy settings customized to you and assisting you with extended health care benefits. We provide ongoing therapy assistance over the years including replacement masks,  supplies, warranty issues and replacement machines when needed.



Our therapy is provided by a qualified RPSGT Sleep Therapist who has specialized in this area of therapy for over 10 years and has helped thousands of patients succeed.



If CPAP isn’t for you, we are the only office who can transition your therapy to a Custom Oral Appliance within the same practice.

This way you have complete peace of mind. Trial a CPAP first to decide whether CPAP is for you, with the option to transition to other therapy options before buying, all within one clinic focused on finding you a good night’s sleep.