Tips on healthy sleeping

healthy sleaping

Sleep is a foundational principle in our overall health and quality of life. I had the pleasure recently of spending some time with Sacha Devoretz, lifestyle blogger and TV Personality, and we talked about everything from sleep hygiene to snoring and sleep apnea and how managing these habits and conditions can help with household peace harmony and happiness and overall quality of life.


Any degree of disruption in your breathing while sleeping, whether it just be upper airway resistance due to allergies or airway inflammation, snoring or sleep apnea can diminish your health. Snoring and sleep apnea are more common than we realize and d more disruptive than we admit.

Look at it this way, imagine if your dog woke you out of deep sleep even what is classified as a mild number of times a night so for instance 5 to 10 times an hour. You would do something about that right? You wouldn’t put up with that. Well, mild sleep apnea is categorized as disrupting your sleep 5 to 15 times an hour fragmenting your sleep and making the mornings feel like you didn’t sleep at all. And then there’s the snoring! Now not all patients snore that’s true but snoring is disruptive to others in a household and ruining the sleep for many bed partners.

I went on to tell Sacha all about how oral appliance therapy can help manage these nighttime conditions. In our clinics in Surrey and North Vancouver, we see patients that have snoring, upper airway resistance and any degree of sleep apnea from mild to severe. Patients do have an option in therapy and CPAP, although effective, is difficult for a lot of patients to tolerate and as a result it overall effectiveness can be quite low because people can’t wear it.


Here is a link to the article. I hope you find it informative. If I can be of help to you or anyone you know contact one of our two offices by phone or fill the contact form on our contact page.