Sleeping in the Doghouse?

Are you sleeping on the couch this Valentines Day 1

Valentines Day 2022….are you sleeping on the couch? Or in the spare bedroom? If disruptive snoring has prevented you from enjoying your own bed, it is time to take the steps to find a solution. There is no need to book two rooms on your next vacation with the options that are available now.

Snoring is caused by air turbulence and tissue that comes too close together in the throat while sleeping, and the vibrations they cause are what we hear. We know that snoring is something that has become more prevalent in society, and there are many reasons for that. It is likely we did not evolve with snoring being a normal human state, it would have been a poor evolutionary choice to both constrict our airways and alert predators to our whereabouts while we are sleeping.

The lower third of our face has retruded, or shrunk, over the last 10,000 years and over the last few thousand years we have noticed that our jaw alignment has also changed. As we have eaten more processed food and given up many of the tougher, chewier parts of our diet, our lower teeth now sit farther behind our upper teeth. All of this has created a smaller space for our tongue and airways!

We have also seen an increase in body weight, which can cause fat deposits around the airways that further reduce their size. Sleep Apnea can also cause snoring, snorting and gasping while sleeping because of a miscommunication with the paralysis function that keeps us in bed at night. This is thought to be one of the main factors causing the airway to collapse.

Disruptive snoring can ruin your Valentine’s Day, or be a symptom of a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, but either way there are multiple solutions available. If the issue is with your nose causing turbulent air flow, something as simple as a Nasal Dilator may help reduce the snoring. If the issue is lower in the airway, options such as the eXcite OSA or a custom Oral Appliance may be the best fit for you. If you have underlying sleep apnea, treating it with a CPAP or a long term custom Oral Appliance will keep you snoring less, breathing more and sleeping better all at once.

You do not have to suffer with snoring, and neither does your bed partner. Remember just because it is common does not mean its normal. If you want to know more about what options are available, contact our office or book a free consultation through our website. Our Sleep Clinics are located in Surrey, North Vancouver and Victoria and our trained staff are ready to help.