Philips Respironics CPAP, BiPAP, ASV Recall Notice


JUNE 21, 2021

Philips Respironics CPAP, BiPAP, ASV Recall Notice

Last week Philips Respironics announced a recall of some of their CPAP, BiPAP and Mechanical Ventilators in the US, and a Field Safety Notice for all other countries. If you are affected by this recall, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information. The official recall notice can be found by clicking here: Philips Recall Notice


This recall does not affect any masks or accessories and only affects the Dreamstation Platform Machines due to concerns about the sound abatement foam in these devices. If you are a current patient of ours, we will reach out personally to address this and find the best solution for you. All other patients using a Dreamstation machine are also encouraged to contact their provider or our office asap.

At this time, the advice from Philips is as follows:

  • For CPAP/BiPAP patients, discontinue use of your device and contact your equipment provider to find an alternative for you
  • For Mechanical Ventilators (ASV), continue to use your therapy and immediately reach out to your physician to discuss your options. Do not discontinue use of any life-sustaining therapy


For patients currently on a CPAP/BiPAP, there are options to replace your machine.

  • Please contact us if you would like to discuss replacing your machine with a newer model or one of a different manufacturer.
  • If you are interested in replacing your machine with an oral appliance instead we would be happy to evaluate that option for you.

Please reach out to your physician to discuss your options for treating your sleep apnea.


If you have had your machine for 3 ( i.e.Greenshield) or 5 (i.e. other EHB including PBC, Sunlife, Canada Life, etc) years you should contact our office to consider replacing the machine with a new one if benefits allow while awaiting their replacement Dreamstation.


We are working quickly to ensure anyone affected by this recall has a solution that suits them best.

If you have questions about this recall or your sleep or the sleep of
someone you know reach out to us today

604-58SLEEP (604-587-5337) or      604-98SLEEP (604-987-5337)
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