Having long term sleep issues my medical doctor suggested I see Dr Muir. I was tested for sleep apnea with a device strapped to my chest while I slept at home for one night. I had Moderate Sleep Apnea and never knew it until then. Dr Muir fitted me for a mouth appliance and then retested me and my sleep apnea scores were much better. More importantly I felt good when I awoke in the morning, morning headaches were non-existent and I stopped taking a sleeping pill at night. I now sleep 7 hours nightly, rarely waking up and have so much more energy.

Grateful Patient 

Grateful Patient February 2015

Dr Muir

I just wanted to thank you! It is so wonderful to see my husband sleeping peacefully and waking rested. I know that both he and I benefit greatly from his new device.

With appreciation
“the bed partner”

'The bed partner' November 2015

Dr Muir

I am so very grateful for the work you did with me last year in dealing with my sleep issues. In fact, I sincerely believe you saved my life. The sleep apnea I was living with was affecting my health and making me fearful of falling asleep at night. That has gone. Thank you for the wonderful change you have made in my life. I sleep soundly without interruption pretty well every night.


T.S. November 2016

Hello Dr Muir,

All is very good with both my husband and I! This device has changed our lives. My husband woke up the first morning, after a very quiet sleep by me, and was grinning from ear to ear! He actually worried a few times that I wasn’t breathing at all!

Many many thanks for your support and expertise. It truly has changed our lives!


C.B. January 2017